Diamond Supply Co. Disposable 4ML – Mango Milkshake

Diamond Supply Co. Disposable 4ML – Mango Milkshake

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Introducing the 4ML Disposable Vape from Diamond Supply Co.
A revolutionary disposable vape device featuring a Vshaped™ oil tank designed to maximize every drop, and a Reoregin™ ceramic heating coil, made with an exclusive mesh coil and high performance ceramic that retains terpenes and resins for optimal taste and effects. Additionally, it comes equipped with innovative technology to reduce spit back. The BioBaleen™ Module and button activation prevent clogging, upgrades taste, and filters toxins for the best vaping experience. Featuring a blend of Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC, THCA Diamonds, THCP, Oleoresin and Premium Terpenes.

A creamy blend of ripe mango, zesty citrus and tropical fruit.

This 4ML disposable is a custom build – showcasing the Diamond Supply Co. signature diamond shape as the pre-heat/variable settings button.