Diamond Exclusive Capsule for HBX

Born from the gritty ‘90s California skateboarding scene, Diamond Supply Co.  remains skater- owned, and skater- operated by Nick Diamond. Tapping into every corner of the Californian cultural landscape of California, the once San Francisco-based label has evolved to become much more than just a skate brand - all-while staying true to its roots and Nick Diamond's original design aesthetics.

Our HBX x Diamond Supply Co. 2017 "Moving at the Speed of Life" capsule collaboration is set amidst the bustle of Hong Kong's subway MTR. City-as-muse takes center narrative, encapsulating the 24/7 fast-life of the South-East metropolis. Hong Kong's immensely dense population, efficient transportation and ambitious youth is shown through a galvanizing lens - People shuffling and making way through the noise to get to where they need to. Much in the same way, a common ground can be identified with the LA skaters navigating through their landscapes.

The ubiquitous skate culture of The West Coast and the bustle of Hong Kong makes for a unique transpacific cross-pollination - "Moving at the Speed of Life". The capsule collection encompasses a range of tees, long-sleeves and jackets that reference Hong Kong's MTR subway, while striking yellows take a nod to the traditional subway worker uniform.

Scroll through the photos above for a closer look at the exclusive collaboration and shop the collection HERE

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